With the arctic temperatures we are expected to have this week, I wanted to dive down and see if I could find the coldest temperatures in Minnesota history.

1. Feburary. 2, 1996

The coldest temperatures ever recorded was in Tower, Minnesota, which is in St. Louis County up in Northern Minnesota. It reached -60 degrees F, which should never happen. That is bitterly cold.

2. January 20, 1996

In Embarrass, Minnesota, which is also located in St. Louis County in Northern Minnesota, hit the bitter temperature of -57 degrees F. This list is begining to be a reminder to stay away of northern Minnesota in the winter.

3. February 2, 1996

It hit -54 in Brainerd, Minnesota the same day it hit -60 in Tower. Brained is located in Crow Wing County, which is in central Minnesota. It wasn't quite a cold as Tower, but that is still a terrible day to be outside. Heck, even inside was probably cold.


4. February 1, 1996

One whole day before it hit -60 in Tower, it hit -53 in Fosston, Minnesota. Fosston is located in northwest Minnesota in Polk County. The town is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Moorhead, Minnesota. It also hit -53 in Moose Lake, Minnesota on January 15, 1972 and Pine River, Minnesota on January 12, 1992. Moose Lake is located in Carlton County in northeast Minnesota. Pine River Dam is located in Cass County, about 30 miles north of Brainerd.

5. February 19, 1966

Baudette, Minnesota hit the low temperature of -52 degrees F. Baudette is located in Lake of the Woods County and is about as close you can get to Canada without actually going into Canada.

1996 was an awfully cold year here in Minnesota, and I remember in 2014 when we had wind chills in the -60s degrees F. That was colder than anticipated.

Governor Dayton shut down schools, and only the brave left their houses. That is about as cold as I remember it being, and I would be okay if it never got that cold ever again.

In Preston, our coldest average month is January, which is surprising with how many cold days we have had in February in Minnesota's history. The average high is 25 degrees and the average low is six.