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Which bulk-buying store is the best in Minnesota - Costco, or Sam's Club?  This is a debate that many struggle with as they try to decide where to do their bulk shopping in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  Many people have their favorite and have some very strong opinions on why their pick is #1.

Before the winner is announced, below are a few of the reasons why people are huge fans of one warehouse store versus the other.

Top reasons why people love Sams Club vs. Costco

Which store is better, Costco or Sam's Club? We did our own poll in Rochester and found out that quite a few people have very specific reasons for their bulk-buying choice.

Do People Love Costco or Sam's Club More?

I just ventured back into the world of bulk shopping!  Many years ago, we were Sam's Club members.  And then Costco showed up in NW Rochester and I switched my membership and fed my kids with all of the samples throughout the warehouse.  Moms do it, and I was one of those moms.

After a few years though, we had to cut back on some expenses and the bulk membership just didn't make the list.  We were out of the diaper and wipes stage and no longer needed to buy all the baby stuff in bulk.

What's your top bulk shopping spot?  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  

If you want to follow the trend though, it appears as if Costco took the lead as the overall choice for people in Minnesota.  As many stated on our Facebook page, Sam's Club "is cheaper" and yet, more people prefer Costco.

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