Warning! A plant is popping up all over Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin that looks gorgeous but touching it can lead to severe burns and could send you to the Emergency Room.

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Warning! Stay away from the yellow plant in Minnesota!

You've probably heard the words "wild parsnip" and maybe haven't paid too much attention to it but right now, you need to listen up.  Now that we've had some rain, this plant is popping up all over and is one of the most deceitful pieces of green in our state.  It looks like you could pick it and make it into a gorgeous flower arrangement with some other wildflowers BUT if you touch it, you will be in a world of hurt.

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Where is wild parsnip found?

You will usually find wild parsnip in ditches throughout Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and Wisconsin.  However, it really could be anywhere.  I've been on bike paths and sidewalks and have seen it just inches away from where kids in strollers could touch it.

Will it really hurt if I touch wild parsnip?

Yes!  In fact, it could send you to the Emergency Room.  If you are wanting more expert advice, Mayo Clinic.com explains that "touching sap from the wild parsnip plant — combined with exposure to sunlight — can cause a burn-like skin reaction. Within a day after exposure, the skin turns red and might develop painful blisters. While mild reactions might go unnoticed, a severe reaction can cause skin discoloration for months or years."

If you or your child accidentally touches it, here are a few tips that may help alleviate the symptoms:

  • Wash the affected area with cool water.
  • Multiple sources stated that the burning from the reaction may last a few days and to use a wet cloth, unscented moisturizer, calamine lotion, and to avoid sunlight.
  • If the reaction is extremely painful, the blisters are severe or the pain lasts more than a couple of weeks, a doctor should determine the next steps of care.
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This plant doesn't come with a warning label so please, spread the word.

Obviously, our plants outside don't come with warning labels so to help everyone stay safe from this plant, please pass this message on to your family and friends so they are fully aware of the gorgeous danger lurking in our state.  In other words...share this story wherever you like to share stories.  You could save someone from a trip to the Emergency Room.

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