Do you floss every morning or evening.

If you go to the dentist at all, I am sure you have heard it before. Brush your teeth twice a day, and floss. But how many people floss their teeth. For me, flossing lead to a chipped tooth. Yes, that does happen on occasion. But a new study proves that any medical benefits of floss, can not be proved.

I heard something about it on the news last night, so decided to dig into it a little more. A story like this has to be pretty easy to find something on. And, thanks to, they have one. So here is my take on it all.

Eating a steak is so very good, but you get those little pieces of meat stuck in your teeth. We have all done it, making those weird faces and trying to use your tongue to get it out. Most of us will grab a toothpick or floss to get it out. Problem solved.

According to the article and the American Dental Association, flossing is still very important. Just like brushing, it helps with the health of our teeth ans gums. But a new study shows that flossing doesn't do much to remove plaque from your teeth.

If you would like to read the entire article on, click here.

In my eyes, flossing does help to remove food from your teeth. Take it from me, your teeth are something you want to take care of. I have had about every contraption for my teeth to help them be straight. I am not saying to stop flossing, but have a look at the article, weigh in for yourself about the new findings on flossing your teeth.

You can not have that million dollar smile without doing a little work.