Sorry to tell you this, kids, but it's almost time to head back to school.  The good news? You still have some time to enjoy summer before hitting the books again. Do you and your family have something fun planned to make those last few weeks memorable?  Here are a few suggestions:

Visit Niagara Cave or Mystery Cave.  A great experience, especially on a hot, humid day.  It's always cool in the caves. Go to Valley Fair, the Spam Museum in Austin, take an Amish Tour or visit the National Trout Center in Preston.
Attend the Minnesota State Fair.  Fair food-on-a-stick!
Enjoy a night of racing at Deer Creek Speedway or Upper Iowa Speedway.
Take a ride on the Root River bike trail or hike at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center.  Good exercise and beautiful scenery.
Go back-to-school shopping.  Nothing is more fun than a day at the mall!
Go to a Twins game.  Target Field is amazing with great photo ops.  Stop at Minnesota Zoo while you're in The Cities.
Gals, get a new "do" to catch the eye of that cute guy at school.
Take in a play at the Commonweal Theatre.  A little culture never hurt anyone!
Take a long walk to enjoy quality time with your parents.  You'll be surprised how cool your mom and dad can be.
Go fishing, tubing, kayaking.  With the Root River in our back yard, the perfect way to spend a summer day.
Camping.  Not my idea of fun, but if it's your thing, go for it!
Sleep in till noon.  Those days will soon be gone!
And finally, read a book.  Prepare your brain for studying again.  Boring!