I worked there for over five years, and somehow I missed this!

The Marvin. The Works. The Mike D's Fatty Melt. Newts has been voted Rochester's Best Burgers since... Forever. It's what they hang their collective hats on every day they open their four locations in town. But many fans that walk through their doors will also say that they have some of the best appetizers too!

I served in their downtown location over lunch and I can tell you that if a large group of friends or family couldn't decide on which burger to eat, they would almost always go for a plate of nachos as an appetizer first as they mulled over their decisions. Anyone I'd serve who was staying in hotels would always say they would love to order the nachos for take-out but feared the chips would get too soggy before they reached their rooms.

Turns out they could have done it anyways! I wish I had known this little piece of info back then to spread around because this just sounds amazing:

That's right: You can get your own Nacho Kits to go! Veggie Nachos will run you $12.95, while their Chicken, Pork or Grande - $14.95.

Lunch time, dinner time, snack time or anytime you can get these made up for pick-up! I don't know about you, but the next time the wife's craving nachos, we're calling in an order for one of these!

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