Apparently they do.  Cruising the aisles at Walmart yesterday doing my monthly grocery shopping, I spied something that initially made me cringe. There it was, proudly sitting in the poultry case.  A package of chicken paws.
I've sampled a lot of strange things in the past.  My dad was from Alabama so we were "treated" to things like black-eyed peas, pork hocks, collard greens and okra.  I love fried okra; the others I can live without.  But chicken paws?  Never head of them!

IEdwards TSM
IEdwards TSM

Wikipedia has a lot of info about chicken paws.  They aren't very big so you would have to eat quite a few to make a meal.  One pound has about 976 calories and a whopping 66.2 grams of fat, very little carbs, no sugar, and 88 grams of protein.  They also provide iron, calcium and vitamin A. Search recipes for chicken paws and you'll find that you can serve them stewed, deep fried or braised in black bean sauce.  Just remember to clip off the toenails.  Ewww!
Chicken paws.  Who would have thought.  I need to get out of Preston more often.  I sure learn a lot when I do.

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