The Essential Workers Appreciation Convoy was a big-time success across Southeast Minnesota that saw many community members come out to see the convoy of trucks.

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Thankfully, our friend and do-it-all superstar Ilene Edwards was around to take some photos of the convoy as it made its way through Preston on a sunshine-filled Saturday afternoon and evening.

You can check out the photos below, and Ilene was kind enough to share some thoughts on the convoy:

"This convoy was amazing. I counted 65 trucks from Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Most had at least one American flag. A constant blare of air horns – so cool. A lot of the truckers had their families and dogs with them. You could tell by their smiles how proud they were to be taking part," Edwards said. "My neighborhood had about 25 people gathered to watch. I had goosebumps and more than once a tear in my eye. I’m such a pile of mush when our flag passes by. Such a wonderful tribute to our essential workers. "



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