Even if you aren't from here you probably know what Minnesota's official state bird is, the loon. It's a little tougher but very popular but most from Minnesota know that the state apple is the Honeycrisp. State Muffin? Blueberry. Others aren't well known, but all are official since they have been adopted into Minnesota law. What about those that didn't quite make the cut? Here are some of the failed Minnesota symbols that just didn't quite become as popular as the loon or the Honeycrisp apple.

This one hits close to home... this ride was introduced in state legislation to make the official Minnesota Amusement Ride the Tilt-A-Whirl! Even though we love the hometown created amusement ride, there wasn't enough love to make it official in 2007. Maybe 2019 will be our year.

Surprisingly we don't have a state beer. But in the past two beers have been mentioned in legislation for the title of Official State Beer of Minnesota those were Schell’s Deer Brand and Cold Spring Brewing Co. In 1987, two bills were introduced name a state beer. One bill went for a specific beer from New Ulm Schell’s Deer Brand. The second bill looked to name a beer company as the official beer of MN and that company was Cold Spring Brewing Co. Neither bill got the nod.

This last failed state symbol is a real head-scratcher as it ranks right up there with the loon, milk, and the walleye, Wild Rice Soup. This one seems like a slam dunk if it was introduced again but in 1998 a bill introduced didn't pass and left us soup-less.

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