Faribault Firefighters were dispatched at 1:53 p.m. today to a structure fire at 6 5th Avenue NE along with Faribault Police and North Ambulance.

Chief Dustin Dienst says upon arrival there was smoke coming from the home and flames were showing from the porch.  Law enforcement determined from the owner there was nobody inside the structure.

Dienst said, "Firefighters knocked down the flames and ventilated the structure by opening windows.  Walls and ceilings were opened up and exposed to ensure that the fire would not spread inside the walls to other parts of the home.  The home suffered extensive fire, heat and smoke damage and is uninhabitable.  Red Cross was contacted to assist the homeowner.  Crews cleared the scene at 4:34 p.m."

The Faribault Fire Department, Police Department and State Fire Marshal's Office are actively investigating the fire.

Dienst ends the news release with this comment, "Thankfully the homeowners came home when they did.  Quickly calling 911 and getting us there made a difference in the amount of damage done by this fire."

On February 21st of this year firefighters were called to the same property and found the unattached garage engulfed in flames.  It was a total loss.

In a 2019 article the American Red Cross says the odds of your home being destroyed by a fire are approximately 1 in 3,000. The article goes on to say there are five other things with greater odds.

  • Being struck by lightning 1 in a million.
  • Winning the lottery is 1 in 302,575,350 Mega Millions. 1 in 292,201,338 the Powerball.
  • Being dealt  a Royal Flush in the opening hand of a poker game is 1 in 649,739.
  • The average golfer has a 1 in 12,000 chance of accomplishing a hole in one.

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