The University of Minnesota Football players will drop the boycott, and play in the Holiday Bowl on Tuesday, Dec. 27 against Washington State in San Diego.

According to the Associated Press, no criminal charges were filed against the players, but a school investigation noted that the players were violating university policy. A group of senior players met with the board of regents, university President Eric Kaler and athletic director Mark Coyle. The suspended players will not be reinstated.

The situation in itself is very very odd. The details are so vague in this story, and the university isn't sharing much information because of privacy laws. Now, I know some people are mad at the players for boycotting, and they have every right to be. In my opinion, from what I have read, the players were boycotting because they felt they were not communicated with, not because of the action that took place.

Now, that could be completely wrong. I know that. Yet, it just seems like a boycott would actually do more damage to the program, than actually help anyone. Everyone is looking for answers, and hopefully we find them.

If the alleged act happened, that is absolutely disturbing. We will see how this story plays out as time goes on.