Every year, I constantly ask myself one simple question:

Why do I live in a place where the air hurts my face?

You know the feeling, right? Some days (like this past week) the cold air can just cut straight to your core! Seriously, it's brutal out there folks... but I'm telling you right now there's things that are actually worse than this weather...

Such as:

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    Having This Much Cereal Left in the Box

    I'll start easy because this just happened this morning... I mean seriously?! That's enough for, like, seven bites!

    Something just as bad is having a full box but having little to no milk to fill the bowl with... ARRRGGGHH!

  • TSM Rochester
    TSM Rochester


    No further explanation needed. #Ouch

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    TSM Rochester

    People Who Report On Facebook On How Cold It Is

    Before Facebook, we had these things called 'windows' that would tell us what the weather was like outside... and no, I'm not talking about the software that's outdated on your laptops. Now-a-days, everybody is a professional meteorologist with their smart phones and weather apps. We get it, it's COLD - It's Minnesota! Now go back to sharing passive-aggressive posts about nothing anyone cares about...

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    Those Who Over-Share Their Vacation Photos on Facebook

    Sticking with the social media theme: How bout you don't show everyone your every restaurant, drink, meal or every single step during your exotic vacation. We get it, you're having the time of your life! The only people who really care that you're there are your immediate family. The rest of us can hear about it for weeks on end whenever you get back. Don't forget the sunscreen.

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