to go coffee

My wife and I go through a couple of tubs of Folgers each month and occasionally we'll treat ourselves to a latte or mocha but overall our spending is way below the national average. 

A recent report says the average American worker spends a little over $1000 a year on coffee! According to the Consumerist, the average worker in the U.S. is spending about  $20 a week on coffee.

Americans love their coffee! A survey published by Business Wire says, 44% of people can’t even talk to others until they’ve had their first cup. And 40% of people in that survey said they weren't able to focus on work tasks until they have a cup.

$1000+ seems like a lot, right? Are you spending that much? After seeing this report, will you change your spending habits? Probably not.

Wondering which place in Rochester serves the best cup? According to our listeners, it's Caribou.




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