It's a right of autumn, almost as much as seeing your first pumpkin spice latte-flavored or scented item: the crows return to roost in downtown Rochester. But if you've ever wondered if they're still here (and all the crow poop on the sidewalk wasn't a sign), check out this video!

Matt Benz, chief meteorologist over at KTTC and Fox-47, posted this eery video of downtown Rochester on his Twitter page last night. It shows just how many crows there are still spending their winter right here in the Med City.

I'm not sure exactly where the video was taken, but KTTC recently unveiled a cool new news set that features a live video feed as a backdrop, so I'm guessing this video might have been recorded from one of those cameras.

It's almost a little creepy, isn't it? Every now and again, the crows will take up residence in the big tree in the parking lot in front of the Quick Country 96.5 Worldwide Headquarters downtown. Sometimes they'll still be sleeping in the tree when I get in around 4:30, and if my car door slamming startles them, the entire flock flies away, and it resembles this video. Or like something from the movie The Swarm.

(Of course, the bird poop all over the sidewalk, parking meters or even your car, are a good sign the crows are still here too.)

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