This is a story about cheese, yes, but you want to hear this one.

Shipwrecks are a thing that fascinate people, the thought of finding the next big treasure. Finding a piece of history people thought was gone. Finding certain items can bring you fame, fortune, and in some cases even a career. But....what if along with your gold coins, you find a can of 340 year old cheese.

The website has a story about divers who were exploring a shipwreck of the coast of Sweden, and found just that. The ship they exploring was the Kronan, a ship that sunk in 1676.

They have found gold coins, a diamond ring, and cheese. Big fame, yes, but not so much for the cheese. It was found in a black container, so it was actually pretty well preserved. But takes the phrase, "Aged Cheese" to a new level.

Next up, maybe a 400 year old saltine for the 300 year old cheese. Only time will tell, but check out the story on They have some pictures of what the divers found. And yes, also the crazy old cheese too.