Minnesota, the state we call home. But did you know these facts?

The land of 10,000 Lakes. The North star State. What do you know Minnesota for. I know it as a very cold state. But that is alright, because in a few months, it is hot again.

But Minnesota also has a few other facts about it that make it a pretty awesome state. The website welshco.com has quite a few, so here they are.

The Mall of America is the size of 78 football fields. Big huh.

Minneapolis is home to the largest urban sculpture garden in the country.

Minneapolis has more golfers per capita than any other city in the country.

Minnesota has more miles of shoreline then California, Florida and Hawaii.....Combined.

And finally, Minnesota has 1 recreational boat per 6 people. More than any other state in the country.

Can you believe these, I sure can. But head on over to welshco.com to see the entire list and maybe learn just a little more about the state we call home.