It is one of the coolest attractions to check out in Minnesota every winter, and now that the temperatures are finally starting to drop, this experience is beginning to take shape.

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There are so many winter activities throughout the state including holiday lights, ice skating, sledding, and more. This one attraction always seems to be at the top of the list for people to check out once it gets cold enough.

Christian Dalbec
Christian Dalbec

Construction Has Officially Begun at Ice Castles in New Brighton.

If you haven't checked out Ice Castles before, you need to add it to your Minnesota Bucket List. Ice Castles sent out a news release today saying that construction has officially begun. This week, ice artisans are growing and harvesting icicles to create the frozen attraction. Ice Castles will be at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton this January.

Each year, tens of thousands of visitors check out the Ice Castles, but those Ice Castles don't come without hard work. Each day, ice artisans harvest and hand-place up to 10,000 icicles to build the incredible winter wonderland.

In addition to the Instagrammable, man-made ice fortress, Ice Castles will feature a world-class ice sculpture garden and a light grove through a wooded area connecting the castle to the sculpture garden.

Ice Castles anticipates to be open in Minnesota in early January, with of course weather permitting. Before the experience can open, the ice artisans will spend thousands of hours working out in below-freezing temperatures, dripping, shaping, and hand-placing the icicles.


Ice Castles will include ice-carved slides, tunnels, fountains, crawl spaces, caverns, and intricately carved ice thrones. Then at night, color-changing LED lights embedded in the ice create a beautiful glow throughout the experience.

A limited number of priority booking vouchers went on sale this morning here. The experience sells out every weekend so if you want priority tickets, you'll want to jump at the opportunity now to secure your date and time.

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