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Meteorologist Katie Nickolaou works in Sioux City, Iowa, and says don't eat icicles because...they're full of bird poop! This video is so popular it made it on TMZ (I won't link, tho, because TMZ is awful, sincerely James). 

Right now the chorus of, "But I ate 'em as a kid and nothing happened to me!"  is probably deafening. But really, there's not just bird poop in your icicles, there's a lot more goo.

A while back the Canadian Safety Council took samples of snow from around the world and what looks pristine and clean is actually full of ick. Rural samples and city samples, both had bacteria in problematic levels.

Snow versus there a difference? It's just possible the icicles are dirtier and bacteria-er. Many icicles are first snow, then become icicles as they melt off roofs. Roofs with bird poop on them, roofs with soot, ash, pollutants that came from the rain over the summer, the stuff that's in the shingles, and, on older houses, maybe even lead.

Icicles and Snowstorm
Delicious or deadly? (aetb)

So yeah, you may not die from a few licks or a couple snow-flakes on your tongue, but just know they could make you sick. Heck, maybe they did and you just don't remember it or know it (because you ate Weird Old Uncle Karl's lefsa, and maybe he used spoiled cream or old potatoes so you blamed it on that, but maybe it was the huge icicle you ate off the eves of MeeMaws farmhouse where the turkeys like to roost on the roof).

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Throw it, Don't Eat it. (GankaTt)
Throw it, Don't Eat it. (GankaTt)

Also...needle snowflakes/

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