If you want to plan a staycation this year for just as a couple getaway or if you have a small family, this airbnb is in a great location with some unique amenities.

This A-frame cottage has 2 bedrooms, and one bed that is located in the common area.  Draw the short straw for that one.. or if you want the morning to greet you and say "hi!"

This airbnb is located on Bass Lake in Grand Rapids.  and it has a cool winding staircase, a great patio area with a pergola that overlooks the lake.  The description on the airbnb website says it really has everything you would need for a great staycation.

The a-frame is a place to slow down, enjoy time with friends and family. Sunsets on the beach, cookouts on the boat, tubing with the kids.. Enjoy dinner on our beautiful patio with an amazing view, wind down for the night under the starry sky around a warm fire. Staying on a lake must be the definition of the perfect vacation.

This property also has kayaks for your use if the weather cooperates.  Great if you are thinking about buying a kayak, you can try these out and see what you think before actually buying your own.

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This airbnb along with the pergola, also has a great firepit area.  Everything you would like to have at a cabin of your own on an awesome lake with great views and none of the work that goes into owning your own cabin.  Win Win in my book.

You can book this airbnb for $200 a night. And it sleeps up to 6 people.  But in that case, some people are sharing a bed.

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