When I heard that Prince's autobiographical movie Purple Rain was going to be made into a Broadway musical I was pretty stoked.  That is one musical that I would actually enjoy seeing.  Full disclosure, I'm not a big musical fan.  I feel like there should be no singing in the place of talking.  Example would be Rent.  Not a fan, and I know, I'm definitely in the minority with that statement.

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But anyway, generally a Broadway musical would premiere on... Broadway. But this show will be making it's debut in Prince's home town of Minneapolis.  This is slated to happen next year at some point.  The actual date has not yet been determined.

From Bring Me the News:

In a statement, Todd Duesing, the president and chief executive officer of the Hennepin Theatre Trust, said the organization is thrilled to present Purple Rain in its hometown next year. “As the birthplace of the legendary musician and songwriter, Minnesota will see everybody literally dancing in the streets in celebration of seeing Purple Rain transform from screen to stage,"

The stage adaptation of the movie was something that Prince had always planned on doing.  So, it's great that these plans have continued on after his passing.  The question still remains as to who will portray "The Kid" (Prince) in the stage show.  If this was happening while Prince was still alive, because he was such a perfectionist, it would have probably taken more than a year to put together, but here we are with a year before it is set to hit the stage.  Approximately.  Tickets are set to go on sale this Spring.  Prices are also to be announced.

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