Cheap Trick have been road dogs their whole career touring all over the world many times over but what's their history of concerts in their hometown of Rockford, Illinois?

How Many Shows Has Cheap Trick Played In Their Hometown Of Rockford, Illinois?

It's funny, before I moved to Rockford I had only seen Cheap Trick one time in concert. That was in 1987 at the Rosemont Horizon opening for Ratt. Since then, I've lost track. I think because they're the "hometown boys," residents of the Forest City forget the band is world famous.

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History Of Cheap Trick Shows In Rockford

I know this isn't all of their shows in Rockford, but it's most of them. How many were you at through the years? Do you have any memories you want to share?

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12/27/73 Jewish Community Center

8/30/74 Stardust Lounge

12/31/74 Stardust Lounge

2/28/75 Stardust Lounge

3/1/75 Stardust Lounge

5/11/75 Sinnissippi Band Shell

5/19/76 Flight of the Phoenix

7/28/76 Flight of the Phoenix

9/28/76 Flight of the Phoenix

11/13/76 Illinois National Guard Armory

12/14/76 Flight of the Phoenix

1/8/77 Fieldhouse

4/2/77 Riverview Ice House

10/8/77 Illinois National Guard Armory

7/4/79 Winnebago County Fairgrounds

2/4/81 Metrocentre

2/5/81 Metrocentre

12/31/81 Metrocentre

8/26/84 Lyran Park

9/5/87 On The Waterfront

12/17/88 Metrocentre

12/22/90 Metrocentre

6/24/93 Davis Park

10/29/94 Coronado Theatre

10/30/94 Coronado Theatre

6/15/96 Davis Park

6/30/96 Winnebago County Fairgrounds

4/4/97 Midway Theatre

11/16/97 Metrocentre

9/6/98 Davis Park

8/28/99 Davis Park

8/28/99 Paragon

3/9/21 Coronado Performing Arts Center

12/29/01 Coronado Performing Arts Center

12/30/01 Coronado Performing Arts Center

4/11/03 Coronado Performing Arts Center

8/31/03 Davis Park

8/14/04 Winnebago County Fairgrounds

9/1/05 Davis Park

9/2/06 Davis Park

6/1/12 BMO Harris Bank Center

6/6/12 BMO Harris Bank Center

11/21/15 Coronado Performing Arts Center

7/4/21 Rivets Stadium

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That's a pretty darn impressive list. Now, think about all the shows they've done in Illinois, the United States, and the world. They don't plan to stop anytime soon.

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