We enjoy ice cream no matter what the season...the extremely humid days where we are physically melting away or the freezing winter days when we are stuck in our houses and sitting by the fireplace.  Ice cream is part of celebrations and also a friend when the sad moments show up in our lives. In a nutshell, ice cream is the perfect treat and I didn’t think it could get better…until I saw something new at one of our local ice cream spots.

My family and I were out and about the other night, doing a little celebration for one of my kiddos. Our destination was Flapdoodles.

There are so many options and flavors to try and my kids could really take about 15 minutes and 10 samples before they figure out what they actually want to eat. (if you are ever behind us in the line…I’m so sorry!) Something new on the menu caught my eye though and is something our family will definitely be doing the next time we are in for a treat.  (I did take a few pics while we were there...you can find those on my Instagram page)

What's the new ice cream discovery?  The flight. 4 dishes of ice cream on a piece of wood at Flapdoodles. Four! It reminded me of going to a winery and getting small glasses of all their wines, trying them all and just savoring the moment.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor and place to go?  Share your fav's in the comments below.  We also asked all of you on Facebook and got some great responses!  Check out the answers you gave here.

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