I've never played 1860's rules base ball before, but when I was approached with giving it a go, I just couldn't resist the opportunity! I've heard of it and knew some of the difference between modern-day baseball, and the 1860's style, but there were some I didn't see coming.

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On a hot, and breezy Saturday afternoon the Rochester Roosters hosted a team of local media from Townsquare Media, KIMT 3, and KTTC at Schmitt Field at the History Center of Olmsted County. It was 25 years ago when the Rochester Roosters were formed and played against a group of local media. So, 25 years later we had the rematch!

Playing with hand-stitched balls and 1860's style bats, the local media were in the game until the end. Tied headed into the final inning, the Roosters were able to push one run across the board to secure the win. Some non-traditional rules include:

  • Catching the ball on one bounce off the bat results in an out.
  • You can't over-run first base
  • If the ball lands fair first, its fair. If it lands foul first, its foul.

Those are just some of the differences in the rules.

Troy Dunken and I represented Townsquare Media and our co-worker Andy Brownell was there as well and took some great photos and videos of the amazing day.

Photo by Andy Brownell
Photo by Andy Brownell

A big thanks to the Rochester Roosters for hosting us and educating us on how to play! They have several more games throughout the summer, including seven more appearances in Rochester. You can check out their full schedule below from their Facebook Page.

If you ever get a chance to check them out, do it! The game is a ton of fun to play, and the fans always enjoy the atmosphere.

The History Center of Olmsted County is also hosting drive-in movies this summer! Check out their full schedule below.

2021 Drive-In Movies at the Olmsted Co. History Center

Drive-In movies are back for the summer of 2021. Pandemic Pictures will be showing movies each Friday and Saturday from May through October at the Olmsted Co. History Center in Rochester. *The Drive-In is closed for a private event on Saturday, May 22nd.

Check out the movies that have been announced below.

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