Evidently, Minnesota's got its own superhero now. Marvel Comics is launching a new comic book series right after the first of the year. The new series is called U.S.Avengers, and will be yet another variation of the ever-popular Avengers comic book line.

To launch the series in a special way, Marvel has created 50+ different covers for issue #1. Each cover will feature a U.S. state, along with the official Avenger character for that state. And who is the superhero protecting Minnesota? Is it a well-known classic comic book character? Perhaps it's Spider-Man? Nope, he's been assigned to protect New Hampshire. Or maybe Thor? Sorry, he's guarding Oklahoma. How about Iron Man? He's looking after California.

Marvel Comics

So, who's the Marvel Comics Avenger guarding the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Minnesota's official Avenger is Quake, a female superhero with the ability to generate earthquakes, or at least earthquake-like vibrations. Chances are, unless you're a hardcore comic book geek, you haven't heard of her...

She's not even featured in Marvel Comics website's list of characters. The character's real name is Daisy Johnson, according to a post on Wikipedia. That post also says that she first came onto the comic book scene in 2004 and that her biggest claim to fame was "as a supporting character in the 2010-2013 Avengers series, from issue #19 (January 2012) through its final issue #34 (January 2013)."

We don't get a lot of earthquakes in Minnesota, but we do get a lot of snow and cold for a good chunk of the year. So, I don't understand why we didn't get a superhero more suited to our climate, like Winter Hunter, perhaps. Instead, he's busy protecting Indiana...

Here are some of the Avengers Marvel Comics chose for other states around us:

Iowa - Hawkeye (Get it? The Iowa Hawkeyes get Hawkeye as their superhero? Clever!)
North Dakota - Machine Man (According to his bio, he weighs 850 pounds...)
South Dakota - Jack of Hearts (Wouldn't you think he should be looking after Nevada?)
Wisconsin - Quasar (This superhero is so mysterious that the only thing on the bio page is an image that says "image not found.")