Undated (KROC AM News) -  The CEO of Mayo Clinic and members of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation are voicing their thoughts and opinions about the controversial executive order dealing with immigration and refugees signed by President Trump Friday.

Mayo CEO Dr. John Noseworthy said "Although questions remain about the order's implementation, Mayo Clinic remains steadfast in supporting our patients, staff, families and community. We are actively monitoring the situation, exploring ways to ensure that the needs of our patients and staff are met, and will share new information as it becomes available."

Twin Cities Congressman Keith Ellison appeared on the CBS “Face the Nation” prgoram Sunday and called the ban “religiously based” and unconstitutional. Ellison -  the first Muslim elected to Congress - says terrorism comes from “all kinds of places” including from “within our country.”

First District Congressman Tim Walz  released the following statement on the issue:

“The safety and security of the American people is our highest national imperative, but President Trump's executive order on Friday not only puts our men and women in uniform at greater risk overseas, it fundamentally contradicts our nation’s values.

By unilaterally shutting America's door on those fleeing war and persecution in hope of a better life in the United States, we break the promise of our fundamental principle: that our nation is enriched by those who come from different lands, who bring their talents, their hopes and their hunger for freedom. This type of blanket discrimination is shameful and morally reprehensible. It's not who we are as Americans, and it's not who we are as Minnesotans. In the last day, I have been heartened by so many Americans who have raised their voices to speak out. I join them and will continue our work to live our values and protect our nation.”

Both of Minnesota’s US Senators also expressed their concerns with the order. Senator Amy Klobuchar tweeted yesterday that she and Senator Al Franken met with Minnesotans who are impacted by the order. She called the situation “heartbreaking” and said the “order is causing chaos and must be reversed.”

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