I have never known Mayo Clinic to have a sense of humor. Plenty of people working there have a great sense of humor, especially on the second floor. But not Mayo itself. Well, that's all done, because Mayo literally made on the funniest jokes ever...but only on one floor in the Gonda building.

I was working Saturday at the Meat Truck (playing games with people buying the 20 RIBEYES FOR $25 deals) and one meat truck customer was a woman that worked in the Gonda, as support for the GI department. I asked her how she liked it and all that stuff, then she mentioned the other GI department, on the 9th, floor (I think).

HER - That's the Upper GI department. I work in the Lower GI department.

ME - And the Lower GI department...that deals with stuff that comes out of you, right? Poop?

HER - Yep, that's why they put us on....

I'm stopping here so I don't ruin the joke for you. Click play on the video. If you're at work and cat turn the volume on, no worries, I wrote subtitles.

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