Our early fall weather has seemed more like summer this past week, so it's hard to imagine, but is Old Man Winter taking aim at Minnesota this year?


He is, if you believe a new report. The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities issued a 'La Niña Watch' in its discussion post last week. So, just what does that mean for us here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

Well, according to this GO-MN story, it means that there could be more moisture in the atmosphere. "A La Niña is an event characterized by cold water rising from the depths of the Pacific Ocean up to the surface. Then all kinds of scientific things happen, putting Minnesota at risk of a snowier, colder winter," the story said.

Of course, at this point, it's just a risk. But even IF we DO experience a La Niña this winter, it doesn't necessarily mean there'll be more snow. In fact, last year, the story says, the Twin Cities only received 32-inches of snow-- far less than the typical La Niña typical winter where 54-inches could possibly fall.

So, what's this all mean? Will we have to bust out the snow shovels and snowblowers more often this year? Nobody really knows...yet. (Although, the Farmer's Almanac weighed in with its prediction for rough winter season earlier this year too).

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