Some cities around the country have already started canceling or altering their Haloween festivities because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the Minnesota Department of Health says it's too early to make that decision. Kris Ehresmann, infectious disease director at the Minnesota Department of Health, told,  "At this point, it would be premature for us to make any decisions simply because we have six to seven more weeks of disease transmission to monitor and that will inform us if things are getting better or getting worse."

Anoka, located 30-minutes north of Minneapolis, is known as the "Halloween Capital of the World" and typically goes all out with their festivities but officials say they're making changes this year to keep everyone safe. Liz McFarland, Anoka Halloween President, told KSTP, "What's different this year is everything's been moved outside. Our Grand Day Parade is going to be held in several locations throughout the city and it's going to be drive-by only so you can participate inside your car. So COVID friendly with everything but a much much smaller festival, however, something instead of nothing for our 100th year."

The Minnesota Department of Health will provide guidance in the coming weeks on whether trick-or-treating and Halloween parties should or should not take place this year.

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