A Minnesota native was just on the national TV show 'America's Got Talent' and completely wowed the judges in the process! Debbii Dawson is a name we will want to remember.

Debbii is from Hutchinson, Minnesota, according to Bring Me the News, but now lives in Los Angeles. Her history with music is pretty amazing. She explained on the show that music is a big tradition in her family. In India, her grandfather taught himself how to play the organ by drawing the keys on the concrete and practicing. Her grandfather then taught her dad and her dad taught her. Also, when her dad immigrated to the US he went to college where he met Debbii's mom... while she was playing the piano. So yeah, music is pretty important in Debbii's family!

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Debbii is now a singer and guitar player and during her audition on 'America's Got Talent' she performed her version of 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA. Howie described it perfectly, he said, "the way you sound is so sweet and soothing".

America's Got Talent via YouTube
America's Got Talent via YouTube


She got a 'Yes' from all 4 judges so she'll be moving on in the show!

Now, you'd think that since music is so important in her family that her parents would have been there. Nope, they still live in Minnesota! The funny thing, though, is when she was asked by Simon if her parents were there she said they weren't able to make it. Well, after her audition the judges called her parents and her dad said that Debbii told them not to come! That's hilarious because I can totally understand that. She probably would have felt extra pressure if they were in the audience.

A big congrats to Debbii, it'll be very exciting to see how she does the rest of the show.

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