I may have been at work while the Olympics broadcasted live from Tokyo, but I still found a way to watch the All-Around Gymnastics finals this morning. (In other words, I have to stay a little later to make up my work today...sorry, boss!)

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America has some celebrating to do.

The first Hmong gymnastic athlete to participate in the games, Sunisa Lee, won the gold medal. 

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Lee, who represents the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota, started with vault.

Though not her strongest event, she stuck the landing and left the apparatus with a big smile.

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Next came Lee's big event, the bars.

She killed it. She had moments of 'crookedness,' but it did not diminish her high score of 15.300. After this rotation, she snuck into second place.

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The beam came next, and Lee didn't let that scare her.

She had a very impressive save on a wolf turn and a clean dismount. However, the score on this apparatus was the lowest its been throughout the games. Either way, after this event, Lee sat at the top spot with only a .200 lead, meaning anything could happen.

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To end the morning, Lee tumbled her way across the floor.

My nerves were high, but they didn't need to be. Lee is incredible. Her score kept her in first, but others still needed to compete. The gold was not secured. 

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Thankfully, her score was too good to beat.

Biles, as many most likely know, withdrew from the All-Around competition due to health. Jade Carey filled her spot and placed eight overall.

Lee's home gym is Midwest Gymnastics Center in Little Canada, MN.

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Lee has two more opportunities to grab gold medals.

She will compete in the Uneven Bars and the Balance Beam finals.

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