Earlier this year, Peep halted production due to the coronavirus which now has caused them to not roll out holiday versions for either Halloween or Christmas.

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According to a report from Fox News, the company Just Born confirmed that the holiday-themed Marshmellow treats would not be produced in 2020.

"Just Born, the company that produces Peeps, confirmed that the holiday marshmallow treats will not be produced this year, along with holiday varieties of Mike And Ikes and Hot Tamales. The company usually produces the marshmallow candies in a variety of shapes to coincide with the end-of-year holidays."

The production of the candy brands was shut down temporarily earlier this year for the safety of workers during the pandemic. Production resumed in May, but in a statement, Just Born candy brands explain that it came with extensive changes to the plant to ensure the safety to their workers.

"This situation resulted in us having to make the difficult decision to forego production of our seasonal candies for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day in order to focus on meeting the expected overwhelming demand for Peeps for next Easter season, as well as our everyday candies.”

The statement did state that the brand does plan on bringing the holiday peeps back in 2021 starting during the Halloween season. While I am not a peeps fan, it will be strange not seeing the holiday-themed treats on the shelves throughout stores in Southeast Minnesota.


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