History and transportation buffs will love exploring a new museum in Rochester that will showcase "the trucks that built America." I can also confirm 7-year-old boys will love this, mine is freaking out, and can't wait to see the trucks.

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The new museum, known as The Nuss Collection,  officially opens its doors to the public on Saturday, September 25th with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 11:00 a.m. Learn more and get a sneak peek inside below.

The Nuss family has 60+ years in the trucking and service industry and is excited to share their collection with the public.

The Nuss Collection

Greg Nuss, Executive Vice President/COO, Nuss Truck & Equipment said, "Growing up around Mack Trucks, the deep history of American Trucking has been a part of our family for years. Our passion for preserving old historic trucks has become much more than a hobby. It has become an incredible opportunity to share the history and American legacy, preserving it for many generations to enjoy with the new museum.”

The Nuss Collection

This new Rochester-based museum will feature many vintage vehicles that built America. On their website, they explain the museum features "everything from semis to fire trucks and heavy-duty construction vehicles, journey with the innovative machines that helped pioneer plans for the national highway system, built the Hoover Dam, and transported defense missiles along American coastlines during World War II."

The Nuss Collection

The public is invited to the grand opening event on Saturday, September 25th but you are asked to RSVP. Going forward, private tours will be available on request and admission is free. Visit The Nuss Collection online to learn more about this unique collection.

The Nuss Collection

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