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Oh, Minnesota, don't cha know how awesome ya'll talk?  If we typed like we talked in this state, Google would have no idea what was going on and Wikipedia would be a garbled mess.  It would be pretty funny, actually, especially since the Minnesotan accent landed on the Top 10 list of Least Sexiest Accents.

According to Big 7 Travel, the way that we talk in Minnesota got our state claimed the #4 spot on the Top 10 Least Sexiest Accents.

I know that living up here in 'da Nordt, we don't think that we sound any different but we've got some pretty thick words that truly bring out the history of our state.  I sometimes even shock myself when I open up my mouth and hear that long "o" sound come out.

If you are wondering who is worse than Minnesota, take a peek at the list below.

The Top 10 Least Sexiest Accents

  1. New Jersey
  2. Long Island
  3. Florida
  4. Minnesota
  5. Pittsburgh
  6. Alaska
  7. Pennsylvania Dutch
  8. Appalachian
  9. California Valley Girl
  10. Southern Ohio

Well, Minnesota, don't cha know, at least we aren't the worst.  #SorryNewJersey

Is there an accent that you wish you had?  Please, share it with me over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  If I had to pick one, I think I'd like to have a southern drawl of some sort.  No idea why but that's my pick.

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