You know you got a lot of snow when even trains got stuck right in their tracks!

But that's exactly what happened during our historic blizzard that hit southern Minnesota last weekend. That incredible picture from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows a Union Pacific train in Freeborn County that got stuck due to the incredible amount of snow that had drifted onto the tracks.

In fact, Union Pacific sent a second train to help the stuck train... but it got stuck in the deep snow too! The Freeborn County Sherrif's Office says it rescued 7 crew members from both trains that just couldn't make it through the deep, drifted snow in the Ellendale area!

That, of course, is consistent with just how bad this last blizzard really was. There's also the story of the National Guard tank that was being used to rescue stranded drivers near Wabasha-- that ALSO got stuck in the snow! I

When tanks and trains can't make it through the massive snow, yeah, you know things got pretty bad. I've been through a lot of Minnesota and Wisconsin winter storms, and this is one of the worst I can remember.

Even that storm back in December 2010 that dropped around 18-inches of snow on us (and collapsed the Metrodome's roof) didn't seem as bad as THIS storm. I mean, the snow had pretty much stopped falling Sunday morning, but we're still digging out yet two days later. It's one we'll be talking about for years to come, right?

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