Grabbing a quick lunch that is somewhat healthy has been a popular way to go recently as opposed to grabbing a quick burger or some chicken wings.  Although that is still a go-to for many people, thinking a bit more healthy in your choices has become a lot more popular.

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One of those places to get a great sandwich while being more health conscious is Erbert and Gerbert's.  And now, there will be more places with that option throughout Minnesota.

Rochester has one Erbert and Gerbert's location currently on 41st St. NW across from Target.

There was a location that just opened in West St. Paul with 7 more Minnesota locations planned.  This most recent location includes the "new look" of future Erbert and Gerbert's locations.

The new style according to Bring Me the News through a spokesperson, includes: 

It offers dine-in, pickup, drive-through and delivery options, with a design that "represents the future of the Erbert & Gerbert brand."

"The new location is one of the first to be designed to the brand's new look and layout," the company says. "A clean, modern, and bright end-cap location with a convenient drive-thru is how Erbert & Gerbert’s stores will continue to be built moving forward."

Erbert and Gerbert's was originally founded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has grown to 70 locations throughout 12 states. Where the new 7 locations in Minnesota will be has not been announced.

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