I think quirky is the only correct way to describe this home. Each picture you look at, every room you go to, is a ride. This home is for sale in Waconia, Minnesota right now for just under $259,900.

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I'm not sure that I'd be able to live here without renovating... a lot. Every room is just so loud. And one of the craziest parts is that the outside doesn't fit the inside whatsoever. For the first time ever the first pictures we look at won't be the outside of the house. I want to save that shock for the end.

'Quirky' is the Only Way to Describe this Minnesota Home

Each room in the home is quirky in its own way and the outside is not what I expected at all. This home is currently for sale in Waconia, Minnesota. 

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This is the Most Expensive Home for Sale in Rochester's Richest Neighborhood

Based on data from Neighborhood Scout, we were able to figure out Rochester's richest neighborhood, which is 40th St SW / Bamber Valley Rd SW. After a search on Zillow, I found plenty of expensive homes for sale in that area. Full disclosure, this home we're going to look at isn't technically the most expensive, it's the third most expensive. However, it's the most expensive home in the neighborhood that's currently standing, the other two haven't even been built yet.

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