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Thursday was a cold day around Minnesota. Almost everyone was at 0 or below 0, but one little town did their darndest and blew almost everyone else off the Map O'Cold.

International Falls registered an air temperature of -42 degrees

I saw that Tweet and the first thing I thought was, "Sheesh, the wind should freeze and crack at that temperature!" Turns out, someone else had the same thought and @svensundgaard, (MN Meteorologist, Climate, Explorer, Licensed Realtor) said,

For it to get that cold, requires totally calm conditions. Calm air cools more because there's no mixing of air (we cool from the ground up as the ground radiates away heat). Wind mixes up air pulling heat fr/ above. High pressure was right over Int'll Falls: it was very calm. (link)

That's not the coldest International Falls has ever been, that record is about 13 degrees colder! 

Also, International Falls wasn't the only cold spot in Minnesota today. A quick check with the National Weather Service and the 42-Below-Club had four members this morning.

Coldest Minnestoa Temps Morning of February 3, 2022

  • -42 International Falls
  • -42 Kabetogama
  • -42 Celina
  • -42 Tower
  • -40 Embarrass
  • -40 Brimson

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