Minnesota's Med City was on the receiving end of a back-handed compliment in a story from one of the originators of Fake News.


Our mind-numbing cold here in Minnesota was newsworthy enough to become the subject of a new story from The Onion, one of the first truly fake news sites. The site, which originally began as a weekly tabloid newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin, has been publishing fake news stories designed to get a laugh for years now.

And in one of its latest online posts, our fair city gets a mention. The made-up story is about a made-up Minnesota resident from Minneapolis who has finally had it with the extreme cold we've been dealing with here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

In the story, the fictitious Minnesotan, named 'Anne Mauer' (a nod to our now-retired favorite Twins player) says she's thinking about "packing it all up and moving somewhere warm... like Michigan," to get away from all the cold. Ha ha ha.

The Med City gets a mention at the very end, when after considering a move to cities "down south" like Detroit or Kalamazoo, 'Anne' decides to stay put where she is-- after taking a week-long vacation here in Rochester. Hardy har har, right?

You can read the entirely fictional story from The Onion here.

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