The Rochester Honkers showed off their new logo last week and after some time to think it over, how does Rochester feel about it?

Rochester Feels Good About the New Honkers Look

Photo Courtesy Brian Hale
Photo Courtesy Brian Hale

Easily 90% of the public comments about the new look for the Northwoods League Baseball team are positive.

  • NW: Very cool! Can't wait to buy a new hat!
  • CA: Love it!
  • TS: Looks strangely like Samuel L Jackson. Honk Honk mother ducker. (OK, that one made me lol).
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That's pretty much what the pro-logos aresaying. Some people don't like it, here's a sample of the kinds of thing they're saying.

  • VS: Like plain logo without mean goose.
  • GP: Teal and purple is probably the greatest combination ever but that goose needs some work.

But the overwhelming reception has been positive.

The Rochester Honkers begin their 29th season of play on May 30th when they host the Willmar Stingers at Mayo Field." Follow 'em on Instagram @honkersbaseball.

In Suite Honkers News...

The team has also updated the suite...

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