If you're doing a Secret Santa Gift Exchange at work (WE ARE!), you'll want to make sure your gift or gifts are really well received. And since so many are starting on Monday, I'm giving you these tips now so you can get your shopping done over the weekend.

News Anyway's survey came up with a list of forty things people want most for a Secret Santa gift. Here's the top ten. And just in case MY Secret Santa is reading this...notes.

Top 10 Secret Santa Present

1. Alcohol - Yesplease!
2. Chocolates - Are you trying to make me fat?
3. Gift card - Sure, but for the restaurants on my sheet only.
4. Book - Nyah.
5. Candles - I'll handle my own romance thank you.
6. Money - YEAH! Gimmie them Benjis!
7. Sweets - Nyah
8. Socks - Please. Never.
9. Perfume - Nope.
10. Bubble bath - Makes me itch.

Honorable mentions include

11. Lotions / soaps
23. Charity donation
26. Calendar
29. Coffeemaker
32. A book of jokes
33. Teapot/tea cozy
39. A clock

Hmmm...32 is pretty suspect...what if the receiver reads all the jokes at work? And will 39, are you telling them you're sick and tired of them being late?

I'll stick with the booze, please.

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