It was tough to pick just six, but these are Instagrams I look forward to seeing every day. And each of 'em local, so you are likely to run into the people behind the accounts. I also added some out of Rochester accounts I like, but those are just bonuses! So, let's go...

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    Obviously, we gotta start with our own, and I can say that the best stuff comes from Jessica Williams, on from 10-2 on Y-105FM!

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    I love the photos they post. Sometimes they surprise me with their perspective. They see our city like no one else does, and it is so cool. Like this one, I had to think a bit before I realized, "Oh yeah! That is Rochester!"

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    Laura Lee from ABC 6 News

    From food to her beautiful children, her career at ABC 6 News to people she meets in Rochester (like this awesome story), Laura Lee reveals herself to be everything I felt the first time I met her. Fierce, funny, loving, and kind. Also, there is no better selfie taker in Rochester. Seriously.

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    Snappy-Stop has some of the most consistently amusing Instas in Rochester.

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    How the creator of this account, Emily Anne Carson, describes herself on her personal Insta:

    Communicator. @elca Pastor. Generosity enthusiast. Writer. Stillness advocate. Plant-based.

    All true. I love the affirmations. I don't deal with an autoimmune issue, but I find they help me with depression/anxiety issues and keep my mind focused on the positive. Also, you can also read her regular column in the PB.

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    Fashion, pets, occasionally food and travel, too. Val works here at Townsquare Media, Rochester on Quick Country and on Z-Rock. Her captions are always worth reading. Always. PS - I love this post so much, a little like an old Saturday Evening Post cover.

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    First, a dog that loves to swim,you will love this dog...he loves life so much!

    Then a kind of Fits-Speration kind of person, but she's funny and super fierce. Some of her posts are pure humor, some are sassy selfies, and others show her workouts and, like this one, they're often super honest.

    And finally, a guy with incredible music talent. He, like so many others, started on Vine and he's grown his music/comedy career from there. His Insta is probably 1/3 music, the rest selfies, and humorous videos, but that music!




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