With record temps today, could you imagine?

Well, the good news is, it isn't going to snow anytime soon. But it has been reported in Minnesota that we did have a snow fall in July. Get this...

The website climate.umn.edu has a story that talks about snow, on July 4th. The date was back in 1859, before computers and before official records were kept. The article says there were so many reports of it, though. Hard to imagine it was a fake thing.

It was never documented, which is why it is kind of tough to know if it really happened or not. As it sits now, June 4th, 1935, was the latest measurable snowfall with 1.5 inches, and the earliest documented was August 31st, 1949, in Duluth.

What does this mean? Don't count snow out yet. It has happened before. Check out the article though. It is pretty neat. So, if your sitting outside today, remember that there always is that possibility of snow.