I went up to Rochester to enjoy their Social ICE event this Friday. They had several different ice sculptures, ice bars, and a DJ! It was a ton of fun!

My favorite part about it was the ice sculpture that was of a fisherman. It was unique, but really tells the story of a Minnesota man. Although it was above freezing, there were a ton of people there on Friday night to kick off the weekend with a good time!

I took a couple photos, including one where you could mention SocialICE on Twitter and get your picture on a giant screen! It was pretty fun! I enjoyed the night with a few friends from the Rochester area!

With the temperatures above freezing, the ground was definitely a little damp, and many of the sculptures were melting. But the event was still loads of fun! If you have the time, go ahead an check it out! Each bar has a theme to it, which is way cool! From Beauty and the Beast, to the Adams' Family, there is plenty of fun to be had at SocialICE in Rochester!

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