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Recently, a woman was at Theodore Wirth Regional Park, the largest park in the Minneapolis Park System. She was in a secluded spot, took her swimsuit top down sa she tanned, and got cited for nudity because it is illegal in Minneapolis to be topless in a city park or parkway. Minnesota says you can do it, but not the Minny Apple.

"Proper Attire Required. No person ten (10) years of age or older shall intentionally expose his or her own genitals, pubic area, buttocks or female breast below the top of the areola, with less than a fully opaque covering in or upon any park or parkway, as defined in PB1-1. This provision does not apply to theatrical, musical, or other artistic performances upon any park or parkway where no alcoholic beverages are sold." (Source)

Flash-forward to Wednesday and the Minneapolis Park Board took some action. According to the Star-Tribune:

A committee of the city’s Park Board approved a measure late Wednesday night, the first step to allow all people to go topless on the city’s park property without being ticketed.

This doesn't mean you can run around Minneapolis parks (and parkways) bare-breasted, tho. Not yet. There will be a public hearing in August to decide the matter.

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Speaking of social distancing, nude or not, please, wear a mask!

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