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Enter your number to get our free mobile app is based out of Mankato and is the largest Halloween costume seller in the world. But even with that kind of title, they are still struggling to find warehouse employees. They recently spoke to WCCO about this issue, which is obviously a major issue right now with Halloween right around the corner.

Yes, you read that correctly earlier, this Halloween costume company out of Mankato is the largest costume seller in the WORLD. That's so crazy! They were speaking with WCCO and said that even last year they weren't able to get enough employees. Now, with COVID-19, they're really struggling.

Last year not many people applied to work because of low unemployment, according to WCCO. This year it's because people are concerned about the virus. However, officials with say "that they are doing everything they can to keep workers safe — such as investing in infrared scanners and mountains of cleaning supplies."

They've even started offering hotel stays for full-time employees who live further away, just to try and get enough people to deal with the massive amount of last-minute orders they usually get.

Sales this year have apparently gone up 15% so far which is odd since nothing is really happening this year for Halloween. But chief operations officer Dallas Clarksean says that the increase in orders are kids costumes. Kids want to dress up no matter what.

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