First, don't freak out.  The calendar still says September but spotted throughout stores in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, you are going to see a mixture of holidays happening that might make your mind spin a bit.  We have swimsuits for summer, back-to-school displays, Christmas has been spotted at a store in Rochester already, and a Halloween store is already opened in the Med City as well.  And now, we've got two Halloween stores!

FYI, if you LOVE dressing up in costumes AND you love beer, you could score $500 at a huge event in Rochester.  Keep reading - I've got the info below for you.

Alexander Novikov ThinkStock
Alexander Novikov ThinkStock

Another Halloween Store Is Open in Rochester, Minnesota

If you missed it, Halloween Express opened in early August in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center and if you want to make sure your child has the costume they really want, maybe go grab it early.

But, if you live on the South side of town and don't want to make the drive up Hwy 52, your commute for costumes just got shorter because another Halloween store is now open near you!


Spirit Halloween has several locations already open in Minnesota and they just opened on September 2nd at the old Schneiderman's store at 4540 Maine Avenue Southeast in Rochester.

Do you know another business that is opening soon in Rochester?

One thing that makes me smile is learning about new places that are opening in Rochester, Minnesota.  If you know of someone that is making their dream come true and opening up their own place, let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Win the Costume Contest at Rochester On Tap and Score $500 and a Hotel Stay!

FYI, if you love getting dressed up in costumes, head to one of the costume shops ASAP because your genius costume could score you an awesome prize at Rochester On Tap, which is Rochester's largest beer festival at the Mayo Civic Center on October 15th!  Thanks to Rochester Smoke Shop and Minnesota Fire Hemp, you could score $500 and an overnight stay at the Intercontinental MSP just for wearing a costume to the event.  Learn more and grab tickets now to Rochester On Tap here.

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