The smells of summer. Pool chlorine, smoke, backyard grilling, sunscreen, and plenty of more. Now, what if I told you that all of those smells were wrapped into one candle?

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The Budweiser Backyard BBQ Candle

Because Budweiser just released the candle called Backyard BBQ by Homesick and has all of the summer smells including, amber, lemonade, barbecue smoke, allspice, barley, vanilla, and musk.

According to Delish, the team at Budweiser worked with the brand Homesick to create the candle.

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"We love capturing the moments that matter most through scent, so we had a blast working with Budweiser on this collaboration," Lauren Lamagna, General Manager at Homesick, said in a press release. "So many of our favorite summer memories involve BBQ and Bud, meaning we had a ton of personal experience to draw on creating these candles.”

There is still some time this summer to enjoy this summer-scented candle, but if you'd like to can get one now for $34 and then save it for the dog days of summer in 2022.

Either way this candle will definitely be perfect for your next outdoor BBQ! Some smoked meat, a couple of adult beverages, and then a summer-scented candle....what is not to love?!

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