Many of you may already know.  However, not being a native Minnesotan, I didn't know.  But I love to research things.  My latest internet search led me to a list of things made in Minnesota.  I knew about 3M's sandpaper, Post-It notes and Scotch tape.  What would we do without Post-Its?  I didn't know that one of my favorite childhood games, Cootie, originated in 1948 in Minneapolis by a postal worker, William H. Schaper.

Young Woman Posing on Game Mat
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The game Twister also originated in Minnesota!  Frank C. Mars from Minneapolis developed the Milky Way candy bar in 1923.  More delicious food from Minnesota includes Green Giant vegetables, General Mills cereal, Betty Crocker cake mixes and Totinos pizza!  How about thermostats from Honeywell and rollerblades?  Want to see a complete list?  Head to Only In Your State.  I bet you'll be as surprised as I was!

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