I started at 5:30 a.m.....just kidding. I was awaken by my brother, who just got home from work, at 5:30 a.m. and he wanted some help removing the snow. I said sure, and laid back down for what was suppose to be five minutes.

Well, as you could have guessed, that five minutes turned into 1 hour and a half, and he had the entire driveway done by the time I woke up. (Best brother award right here)

What is most impressive by this is not my ability to skip out on actual labor (Which is exactly what you were thinking, I know) but was my brother's ability to remove all the snow in our driveway by himself. It was wet and heavy and he did it in a pretty timely fashion. Solid work, brother!

In other news, I did wake up in time to take some awesome pictures of the fresh snowfall. I absolutely love when the snow catches on the trees! I also love the massive piles of snow that collect on the edge of the yard.

What time did you start your shoveling process? Or did you ditch like me?