Since the coronavirus pandemic has started, we have all seen the memes and social media post from our friends of how drinking has been up, and according to a data analysis from Ibotta, there are parts of this that are true.

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The really surprising part of the analysis is that beer sales are down 2% overall, with a few execptions: Flavored malt beverage is up 37.4 %, non-alcoholic beer is up 15.9% and craft import beer is down 17%. From craft beer becoming so popular lately, it is surpsing to see that craft import beer is actually down 17%. I'd assume different.

Spirts and hard liquor sales are up 33% overall, liqueur up 75%, brandy up 43%, tequila up 40%, whiskey: up 39%, vodka up 26%, gin up 14% and rum is up 14%. Wine sales are also up across the country at 12% overall including flavored wine sales moving up 73%.

I know that I have tried differrent spirits this year, but I never would have thought that beer sales were down. Apparently folks were looking to make a switch, just like myself. Yet, with many resturants and bars being forced to move to takeout only I thought all sales would be up.

Also, who knew that brandy and flavored wines were so popular? Apparently I need to start paying close attention to what is being sold in the liquor store when making my trips there.


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